There is a silent killer in your office.  It depletes your energy, reduces your concentration, and shakes your confidence.  What is it?

Stress it’s no joke.  Studies show that workplace stress can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive disorders, increased blood pressure, and sleep disorders.

The Occupational Health Administration (OSHA) lists stress as a workplace hazard and estimates that it results in about $200 billion per year in healthcare costs.

Some major symptoms of workplace stress are:

  1. A depressed mood causing you to lose confidence in yourself, being angry and irritable or withdrawn
  2. Noticeable muscle tension, headache, and digestive problems
  3. Difficulty concentrating
  4. Sleep problems and fatigue during the workday
  5. A decrease in libido
  6. A sense of apathy and loss of interest

It may seem insurmountable to address a problem that results in so many symptoms, however here are some things you can do to help reduce workplace stress today:

  1. Create a pleasant work environment for yourself.  Natural light, greenery, and pleasant scents can make you feel more relaxed.
  2. Form positive relationships with your office colleagues. Put down your smartphone and engage with the people around you.
  3. Get regular exercise.  Take a walk during your lunch break.  It is important to exercise on a regular schedule.
  4. Eat healthy, nutritious foods. Reduce consumption of salty or sweet snacks.  Avoid fatty foods.
  5. Get enough sleep.  Keep to a regular sleep schedule and avoid disrupting your body clock.  Avoid “sleeping-in” on the weekend so that when Monday morning comes around you will be ready to go.
  6. Keep a positive attitude and avoid perfectionism.
  7. Organize and Prioritize your workday.  Clarify goals, set deadlines, and make a “To-Do” list to keep yourself on track.  Don’t “bite off more than you can chew”.  Learn to know your workload limits and delegate routine tasks to an assistant who will allow you to concentrate on the really important tasks that add to the bottom line.

One of the major causes of workplace stress is work overload.  The professionals at APEX Outsource can help you reduce this obstacle to success and “Give You Back Your Life”.  

By delegating those routine tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you can maintain control of your workday, and improve not only your health but your business performance as well.  All of this at a cost that will amaze you.

Learn how you can “Delegate to Accelerate” and reduce workplace stress.