In Step-6 we will discuss content amplification. The power of “Word of Mouth”

If you want your content to have more “punch”, you need to use an additional amplification strategy.  Your content campaign must reach the eyes of the main influencers that are within your target audience in order for your content to go viral as much as possible.

Reaching market influencers is vital, as these are the figures who have high credibility among your target audience and have a large number of committed followers.  They are generally creators in their niches, so by presenting your product or service within their own media, they can present the value that can also be provided to your customers. You must be sure that your product or service is impeccable at this stage, however.

If you manage to generate value with them, a win-win relationship is established and therefore their credibility, as well as yours will result in increased sales and discovery of your brand.

Once you have amplified, pay close attention to the conversations that are generated between these influencers and the other members of your audience.  Your participation as a brand is valuable.  If the volume of follow-up is too large, select those conversations that aim to define the value of your product / service, help the audience to find your product / service or make sales closings through the appropriate channels.

Tips on selecting an influencer who has the ability to expand your content:

  1. Make a list of the influencers that are closest to your ideal audience member or client.
  2. Study the influencer’s engagement metrics and other criteria that you consider important. 
  3. List the number of influence followers, likes, interactions, reach frequency or engagement metrics.  (in digital resources you can find different tools to do this)
  4. Evaluate from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best value, the following criteria for each influencer: engagement metrics, technical knowledge, nearness to your ideal client / audience, authenticity, and entertaining content. 
  5. Select the highest value prospects and contact them.

We have provided you with digital resources so you can carry out your own evaluation and attain better selection criteria.


1. Socialblade – User statistics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter

2. Noxinfluencer – Analysis for YouTube and Instagram channels