In Step-3 we will discuss advertising content ideas and planning. We will explore ideas about what advertising content to generate, and planning the implementation of that content. In general, you need to focus on two significant elements: how relevant your content is to the lives of your target audience and how to orient the content so that it reflects the personality of your brand, whether it be for a product or service.

There is a lot of information and distractive “noise” in the digital world, and for this reason the creation of content must bring significant value to your customers / clients. Your advertising content must provide solutions to their wants and needs and help them meet their objectives.

Now, what format do we need to use? Depending on your advertising objectives and your target audience, you can select from the following formats:

Written FormatsVisual and Audio Formats
Press releases
Blog posts
White papers
Case studies
Audio blogs
Interactive graphics

You must take into consideration that all of these formats will likely be disseminated through a screen.  So, it is essential that your content be compatible with different devices. (laptops, tablets, cell phones, TV) 

This will ensure that your content will be present and relevant in all stages of your target customer’s purchase decision.

Below we provide you with digital resources for your reference to assist you with advertising content ideas and planning.


1. Google Forms – Take online surveys for free

2. Right Relevance – Discover how your industry advertises itself to the world.

3. Builwith – Find out how your competition’s website works

4. Competitor Ads on Facebook

5. SpyFu – Discover the digital marketing strategy of your competition