In Step-8 you will learn about marketing content improvement. The process of continuous improvement.

A great advantage of developing digital marketing content is that it is very measurable and controllable.  We can track almost all variables, which gives us valuable information either by the type or format, theme, or the distribution channel that was used.

At this stage, you can conduct experiments.  One of the most used techniques is A-B tests, which consist of developing two versions of the same content.  The two versions are then launched (for example, using a call-to-action button, in two different colors), we then use the metrics for each variation to evaluate which one performed the best.  Or we can target different audiences, which is also a variable that can generate different results.

Marketing content is very dynamic and you must determine whether the methodology and evaluation of it should be maintained or changed. 

However, you must allow enough time for an audience to react to the content and thereby generate the metrics for evaluation.  It is only then that one can determine what changes should be made.

Content Improvement Questions to Consider:

  1. What other type of format, theme, or distribution could you use?
  2. Should you perform A-B tests for your content?
  3. What changes do you think are necessary to improve your content, based on customer comments?

Once you answer these questions, you can start the content creation process again with this guide. With each creation you will improve your results and gain experience.

We are pleased to provide you with digital resources so you can discover content trends and create an outline for your own A-B tests.


1. A-B Testing on Facebook – Reference Site

2. A-B Testing on Google – Reference Site

3. Trendhunter – Trend tracking website.

4. Content Trends in Google – Tracking and comparing trends in Google

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