In Step-1 you learned about defining your Digital Marketing goals and objectives.  In Step-2 you will learn about defining your target audience to whom you will direct the content of your marketing efforts.  The selection of the medium specific content, dynamics, graphics, images, etc. will depend on this.

You must perform a traditional market segmentation which can be geographic, demographic, etc.  Ideally, you must create a customer / client profile or persona. 

Factors to consider are:

  1. How old is your target audience?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. Are they male or female?
  4. What is their marital / family status?
  5. What race, religion, orientation are they”
  6. What educational level are they?
  7. What economic (income) level are they?
  8. What special interests or hobbies do they have?

Once you are clear about these variables you can create your ideal customer / client persona so that you know who your target audience is.

We recommend the tool by Hubspot (see link below) so that you can generate your ideal customer / client persona.

Technical Note:  To be able to access your target audience, the creation of an advertising account with Facebook and Google (Google Ads) is required. 

 Below we provide you with digital resources for your reference to assist you in defining your target audience.


1. Facebook Audiences – Reference site

2. Google Audiences – Reference site

3. Hubspot – Buyer persona building tool

4. Statista – Site for global and local consumption statistics